Selected for BOSS – Best of Summer Show !

Horn’s Sack explores the treatment of the ‘insane’ in Victorian asylums, encapsulating the coercion of patients and investigating the forces at work in treatment regimes. The struggle between patient and asylum is not only tangible but is actively taking place.

The piece visualises the extreme domination of medical professionals over mental health patients and how this led to a palpable conflict between care and dehumanisation.

In the 1800’s patients were sealed in a sack to ‘calm’ them.

Using granite, iron and magnetism to convey tension and pathos, the work harkens to the past whilst also conveying the present.


This is my final piece for my BA (Hons) Fine At Degree.

Join us to celebrate!
Opening of the show will be on Wednesday 27th July 5-6.30pm.

Please bring friends and family to join us.

Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth.


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